Super-LOVING Jhene AIKO Quotes With IMAGES

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Quotes from Jhene Aiko with personalized images for easier social share. Be inspired by these sayings from the beloved R&B Star.

Who is She?

Jhene Aiko is an American R&B singer and songwriter. She is known for her mix track ‘Sailing Soul (s)’, which was published on her website in 2011.

She started her music career in her early teens as a vocalist for the R&B group B2K. She was introduced as the ‘cousin’ of B2K rapper Lil ‘Fizza, which was a fake promotional tactic to attract an audience.

Her music hits include ‘Sail Out’, ‘The Worst’, ‘Uh Huh’ and ‘Why I Love You’. In 2002, she debuted as a playback singer for the soundtrack of ‘The Master of Disguise’ contributing to the vocals of the song ‘Cherry Pie’.

She also appeared in her ex-boyfriend’s debut video ‘Take It Slow’. He mostly works with genres like R&B, Hip-Hop and Rap.

Her single ‘3:16 AM’, which she released under the popular record label A&R, increased her popularity; the song is available for digital download on iTunes. She achieved international acclaim when she joined Canadian rapper Drake to contribute to his album ‘Nothing Was the Iste’.

In May 2014, her single ‘The Worst’ reached number one in the ‘US Billboard R&B / Hip-Hop-Airplay’ category and reached number 11 in the songs ‘Hot R&B / Hip-Hop’. In 2015, she was nominated for a ‘Grammy Awards’ in three categories. After that she became close to OliviaMaeBae, a fitness influences becoming famous after her nude images were leaked.

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Jhene Aiko Quotes About Life

jhene aiko quotes

Shame on you for staying the same

jhene Aiko aggressive woman quotes

I think if a woman is feeling aggressive, she should be aggressive and not hold back

jhene aiko quotes from songs

What you create for you, no one can take from you

you are everything quote

You have to realize that you are everything and more just on your own

homebody sayings

I’m a homebody for sure. I love to stay at home

Inspiring quotes from Jhene Aiko

Nothing really came, everything was like inspired by something

I belong to the world. I’m in a relationship with the world

I belong to the world. I’m in a relationship with the world

jhene aiko quotes self-love

I’m an acquired taste… not for everybody, but for the ones that get me… I will give you all of me, all the time

words for inner peace

Go with the wind, you know, like a sailboat. I think that’s really important when it comes to peace… inner peace especially

jhene aiko quotes for captions

I appreciate when people listen to the sad songs, because it’s almost like telling someone your problems and having them listen with a compassionate ear

Quotes From Jhene Aiko

I accept the things I cannot change quote

I accept the things I cannot change

jhene aiko quotes about peace

I don’t think I have a sad life. I just talk about all my feelings and emotions

quote about up and down

All the things life has to offer with all of its ups and downs, nothing’s perfect, but it’s all beautiful

jhene aiko sayings

I want to write some books. Books that have nothing to do with music, just some fiction type of books for a whole different audience of people

jhene aiko lines

I am a sailing soul, a free spirit. I don’t think I could ever be tied down

music respect quote with image

I appreciate all the people that can respect and appreciate my music

quote about Kendrick Lamar

When I find something good, I stick to it for like a month. I’m usually late on like other stuff. Kendrick Lamar, I can play that often

R&B lines from songs

I’ve been offered things from alot of different labels and stuff like that, but it’s just like, it has to be perfect. I’m not going to sign my life away

lyrics and quotes from jhene aiko

I’m not a party animal. I’m a chill homebody. I like to watch movies and go out to eat. That’s my idea of a good time. I’m definitely able to be social

funny deodorant quote

Just be yourself and wear deodorant

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Jhene Aiko Quotes From Songs

I just like being a regular person saying

I just like being a regular person

jhene aiko spiritual quotes

I’ve always been an over-sharer to the point where I’ll meet someone and just start talking and telling them everything about my life

jhene aiko 2fish quotes

I think the journey is the reward, I think that it’s about being on the right path, the path for you

music inspiration quote

I want it to make people to be aware of life; I don’t want my music to be a distraction. I want to light a path

jhene aiko Tupac quote

As I got older, I really got into Tupac’s poetry, his books and just learning about his life and what he was into

I don't compromise my happiness for anything

I don’t compromise my happiness for anything. If I find what makes me happy I’m going to do that

Change is inevitable lines

Change is inevitable. Why hold onto what you have to let go of?

I'd rather walk in the rain with a man who treats me like a queen than to ride in a Benz with a man who treats me like crap - jhene aiko quote

I’d rather walk in the rain with a man who treats me like a queen than to ride in a Benz with a man who treats me like crap

You have got to trust the signs

You have got to trust the signs. Everything will turn out fine

I'm probably my biggest critic - jhene aiko

I’m probably my biggest critic. There’s nothing anyone can ask of me that I haven’t already asked of myself

jhene aiko on being a kid

Whenever I was going through something as a kid, I would write it down and I would turn it into a poem

quote about Pisces

Yeah, I mean I’m a water sign. I’m a Pisces

jhene aiko text from songs

We be gettin’ so loud/ That d make my soul smile/That d make me so proud

If your dude come close to me, he gon’ wanna ride off in a ghost with me

If your dude come close to me, he gon’ wanna ride off in a ghost with me

jhene aiko short lyrics

Please do not drive me crazy, unless you’re gonna go with me

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