32+ JayDaYoungan Quotes And GANGSTA Lyrics

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JayDaYoungan Quotes with images from the young money making machine. One of the best known and well respected young Rappers in the US.

Who is Jaydayoungan?

JayDaYoungan is an American rapper popularly known as The Real JumpMan23. He first became famous for his single ‘Taking Off.’

He grew up in Bogalusa, Louisiana, and grew up listening to hip hop legends like Kevin Gates, Lil Boosie and Lil Wayne. JayDaYoungan entered the music industry at a very young age and released his first mixtape at just 18 years old.

Since then, he has been active as a rapper and has received praise not only from his fans from his hometown, but also from people around the world Globus. He has a decent fan who follows various social media platforms, including YouTube and Instagram.

He is inherently talented when it comes to songwriting and is able to compose lyrics that reflect the exact state of his mind. His vulnerability and ability to express emotions adored him to millions around the world.

After two years of making an effort to build a career as a rapper, he finally started to enjoy it. Over time, he began collecting millions of streams on various major social media platforms. He released his first mixtape called ‘Ruffwayy’ in 2017 at the age of 18.

Soon after, JayDaYoungan came up with his singles ‘Taking Off’ and ‘Spinning’ which became big hits in a few months. He then released a series of music videos, all of which managed to earn countless views.

One such video that became incredibly popular in 2017 was ‘Sliding Freestyle’ which in an instant exceeded a million views. The rapper then released an R&B song in February 2018 called ‘Interstate’. This song and its accompanying video quickly garnered millions of shows and streams online.

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Jaydayoungan Quotes For Inspiration

Jaydayoungan quotes

You gotta go through the storm before the sun shine

Jaydayoungan phrases

I hate when somebody try to play crazy Face with look of triumph

I break my back for you but you won’t break a sweat for me

I break my back for you but you won’t break a sweat for me

i love you sayings

If I tell you I love you I mean it I’ll never turn my back on you no matter the situation

Jaydayoungan sayings and quotes

I need to change but only for the better I’m focused

quotes about time wasted

I wish I can get all my time back I wasted

Jaydayoungan energy lines

You gone receive the same energy you put out

beg for attention quote

I see you begging for my attention shit ain’t working tho

jaydayoungan 38k quote

Watch the ones around you they hurt you most

baby i need you sayings

Sleeping by myself help me realize how much I need you

Jaydayoungan Images With Quotes

I love my brothers so much I’ll put my life on the line for them all

I love my brothers so much I’ll put my life on the line for them all

love god quote

I pray my relationship with god keeps growing

jaydayoungan baby23 quotes

Whatever you are doing just never lose it and stick to it

Everyday is a new lesson, just live & learn

Everyday is a new lesson, just live & learn

jaydayoungan yungeen ace

If you don’t know facts about a situation don’t speak on that sh*t

23 jaydayoungan quote

I’m too busy for all these hoes. I’m too busy for everything. I don’t wanna answer no calls, I don’t wanna do nothing

Quotes from Jaydayoungan

I snatched the beat off YouTube and then I got up with Kairo. Yeah but shout out to Kairo, it’s a nice beat

Jaydayoungan on Jordan

Jordan always been my favorite player and I just came along with it. Jordan the GOAT. So I compare myself to the GOAT in everything I do

aunt love quote

My aunt, she really always had faith in me and believed in me when nobody else did

jaydayoungan type beat

I put a lot of effort in it. I went with the flow but it was like, it wasn’t like a freestyle

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Awesome Quotes From Jaydayoungan

I remember days I ain’t have shit I was just a youngin tryna hit a lick

When I was doin' bad, they ain't give me shit I just sit back and reminisce

When I was doin’ bad, they ain’t give me shit I just sit back and reminisce

lyrics from Jaydayoungan

I been feelin’ misused Lately I been so confused No, I don’t know if it’s me Or maybe it could be you

quotes from images by Jaydayoungan

It seem all life end with violence Put it all on the line ’cause I’m all-in

bad-ass rap quotes

Sold a pack, stole the back and then I resold it I won’t freeze, hit the weed if the police on us

last laugh saying

Back when I was hungry, they ate in my face and used to laugh Family want it, and they stole from me, damn, that shit sad

God quote from Jaydayoungan

We forever straight, I promise you gon’ worry not again Gon’ see better things, I pray that we don’t fall down again

phrases and lines from Jaydayoungan

This for all my people gone but not forgotten, fly high Just make me a promise, you won’t ever leave from my side

Jaydayoungan bitch quotes

You act like you been worth it In my mix, just like my bitch And no I ain’t been servin

quotes and phrases from Jaydayoungan

They tried to hide when that pressures applied Ops want me dead I ain’t too hard to find

gangsta lyrics with images

I know a whole lot of shit that I can’t tell nobody And I done seen a lot of shit that I wish I wasn’t watchin’ Slide around through my city, just me and my rocket

black ghetto sayings

What’s on your mind? Nigga, say somethin’ Bitch, you ain’t gon’ spray somethin’, my young niggas’ll shake somethin’

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