Major trends associated with the ERP Software

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In the last few years taking into consideration the rising popularity of the software of enterprise resource planning, the solutions of ERP have matured and expanded in order to manage several business functions. This includes managing back and processes including accounting, procurement in human resources as well as front office functions including sales force automation, E-Commerce and other related services.

The various functions that can be performed by the ERP Software has allowed organizations to look towards implementing it into their operations for better efficiency. One of the many aspects associated with this technology is that it is used to not only cut costs to the elimination of redundant processes and other mundane tasks. It is also used to provide better access to the Employees when it comes to sharing critical resources and information so that better decisions can be developed at a faster pace.

The several advantages associated with the use of this technology has also enabled educational institutions to start implementing this software in their operations. Most organizations have their own  institute ERP that is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the organization. The ability to customize the software for the needs of the company is one of the major reasons why the market for ERP is expected to grow by 13.6% annually by 2025.

The major benefit that is associated with school ERP is that it can implement artificial intelligence Technologies and also machine learning to better optimize the business processes. This will not only improve the ability of the system to provide better insights but also to create personalized student and teacher interactions.

The increasing popularity of the online education services has made it mandatory for educational institutions to make use of this technology to better support the operations. This is because the implementation of ERP has an adult better system support and has also reduced the margin of error. Moreover, another benefit that is associated with this technology is that it can be easily integrated with other Technologies including admission management software and the LMS software thereby making it all the more attractive to be used by companies.

Current ERP Trends in the Market

Cloud ERP

In the case of educational institutions like schools and colleges they have the requirement for on-premises ERP applications and have often been found to be reluctant when it comes to entrusting code business applications to the cloud.  However, there has been a change observed in this belief owing to the fact that with lower cost and elasticity alongside better functionality it has the ability to accommodate better business growth.

The value of cloud ERP has also increased because of the benefits associated with cloud based applications allowing the teachers to efficiently get their work done. This includes developing assignments, drafting the syllabus and even drafting the question papers for the students.All that is required for the Teachers is to have a stable internet connection and can easily work based on the cloud ERP.

Two-Tier ERP

In most cases it has been found that when implementing a single ERP system for all the branches of a single Institution, there have been several issues involved. It has also been found that it is a costly approach and their existing challenges in the form of managing subsidiaries and other equipment. As a result, the functionality of the corporate system made it difficult to work efficiently.

However, it has been found that through the implementation of the two tier ERP it has become possible for Institutions to leverage their investment through the existing systems both at the corporate level and also using a cloud-based software. This has a long term benefit for the organization as they can have access to information including Student data from all the branches of the educational institution.

Digital Transformation

Another major trend that has taken root in the earpiece system has been the integration of digital technology across all major business functions. The objective has been to improve the daily operations to the combined use of ERP functions as well as digital technology.

This includes implementing ERP with the internet of things devices as well as the direction of artificial intelligence advanced analytics. This not only improves the functionality of the systems but also ensures that businesses can maintain efficiency.