What essential skills are required for SAFe product manager certification?

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Professionals want to continuously enhance their skills to improve their marketability and to stay current with the ever-changing technological trends in the industry. Certifications help individuals to succeed, evolve and thrive in the fierce business world. Experienced professionals with recognised certifications are more skilled and are preferred over non-certified individuals due to their abilities to enhance business output. SAFe product manager certification training is a distinguished course designed for professionals like product/program managers, business owners/analysts, and product owners etc., who aspire to gain knowledge and develop technical skills for product management/development and wish to be safe Agilist.

The two-day certification classroom/online course, taught and managed by experienced and well-qualified SAFe program experts, aims to help professionals develop competencies for adding value to the lean organisation and provides practical training through games, interactive sessions, case studies etc. The course reading material, workbooks, informative videos and other resources are provided to the attendees. The technical certification course has no prerequisites but having prior working/leading experience in SAFe and scrum, having knowledge of agile-lean concepts or participating and enrolling in leading SAFe courses etc., can be beneficial and enhance one’s understanding of the topics covered in the course.

What is POPM certification?

Let’s further delve into what is POPM certification. Well, after completing the mandatory course and understanding the various concepts, studying and learning the resource material and taking practice tests, the professionals need to take an online examination and obtain a minimum passing score. The professionals are then awarded the industry-recognised SAFe POPM (product owner/Product manager) certification with a year-long validity from the date of passing the exam. The one-time examination and certification fees are included in the training fees. There are no restrictions on the number of attempts, but the examinee needs to make the payment again for each re-attempt. The SAFe POPM certification validates the individual’s possession of capabilities and skills to-

  • Put agile-lean concepts into practice and effectively execute the duties of PM/ PO.
  • Supervise program backlogs.
  • Lead various agile teams
  • Facilitate continuous Delivery pipeline and execute ART etc.
  • Carry out Program Increments after assessing the requirements of customers.
  • Develop Epics, user stories, innovations etc. to enhance final results and output.
  • Provide solutions to real-world complex issues.

The certified individuals can network and share experiences and ideas, learn and collaborate with fellow professionals via community events, workshops, meet-ups of SAFe etc. With the right skills and tools, the POPM certified professionals can identify customer needs and thus, will be great assets for industries, teams and enterprises. The certification assists professionals in staying relevant in the competitive business world. With POPM certification that is recognised worldwide, professionals can demand better benefits at their current working place or secure good employment opportunities in renowned companies with attractive pay packages and have a successful career. The SAFe POPM certification ensures continuous growth and offers myriad benefits that make it immensely popular among ambitious professionals who wish to further their knowledge and different skills and therefore help to maximise the efficiency and productivity of the organisation. 

Beyond the skills, it is essential to know how to use them; this is only possible through motivation. Students must use the motivation in the right direction to get success in their careers.