20 Being Mary Jane Quotes

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Quotes From Being Mary Jane with awesome pictures for a daily dose of inspiration and affirmation. Some Of the quotes come from the movie, others are inspiring words to avoid the scenario in which you are Mary Jane(you don’t wanna be her). This TV show is available for free at ARC018 streaming website.

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Quotes From Being Mary Jane

being mary jane sticky notes

When People Show You Who They Are, Believe Them The First Time | Maya Angelou

being mary jane affirmations

Know Your Worth Or Have It Passed Out To You | Toya Gibson

mary jane quotes

You Cannot Judge People Because They Sin Differently Than You | Erykah Badu

Anthony Burgess affirmations

You have no idea how pleasant it is not to have any future. It’s like having a totally efficient contraceptive | Anthony Burgess

being mary jane phrases

Mary, who having, in consequence of being the only plain one in the family, worked hard for knowledge and accomplishments, was always impatient for display | Jane Austen

being mary jane affirmations

Being a maverick traveller, one would like to place oneself in the place of a local; just listen without judgement | Mary Jane Walker

Austin Kleon phrases

Don’t talk to people you don’t want to talk to, and don’t talk about stuff you don’t want to talk about | Austin Kleon

Being Mary Jane Affirmations

being cool quotes

I will not tolerate this kind of behavior under my roof. Baby girl, your behavior has consequences for the entire family | Helen

black mother quotes

I am a single black mother of two who hasn’t always made the best decisions, and I ain’t goin’ away silently. Cause see, I’m a black woman who had the nerve to speak her voice, and that’s why this bitch got tased | Niecy

mary jane paul quotes

I can feel it’s wrong for a kid to be bullied for wearing kilts, but that doesn’t mean I want my man wearing them | MJ

kara from being mary jane

We are gonna work with your technique. Starting with your tongue | Kara

“Blindsided” episode

You asked me what happened? Do you really want to know? I grew up, looked around, and I was finally real with myself | “Blindsided”

being mary jane quotes

Just because you didn’t lie doesn’t mean you communicated | “Let’s Go Crazy“

phrases from “Mixed Messages” episode

Cry about it tonight, because you have to make it right in the morning | “Mixed Messages”

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TV show quotes and lines

You don’t think I don’t know what it means when people say that I have a nice smile and nice eyes? Ain’t no man ever fall for me, but they keep coming back don’t they? | “Blindsided”

quotes from being mary jane

Mistakes are a fact of life. It is the response to the error that counts | Nikki Giov

Bob Moore strength quotes

My strength came from lifting myself up when l was knocked down | Bob Moore

mary jane affirmations

We must let go of the life we have planned… to accept the one that is waiting for us | Joseph Campbell

Toni Morrison phrases

Love is or it ain’t. Thin love ain’t love at all | Toni Morrison

quotes from Mary Jane tv show

You cannot belong to anyone else, until you belong to yourself | Pearl Bailey

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