Maintaining Your Weapon: Essential Tips For Cleaning And Replacing Gun Parts

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Regular and proper firearm maintenance is necessary to enhance performance and safety. Proper upkeep will involve disassembling the gun, inspecting its parts, and cleaning them. If any gun parts are damaged or worn out, you’ll need to replace them. However, if you’re like most people, you might not be able to determine the right way to maintain your weapon. Determining the condition of certain gun parts and whether to replace them can be challenging. Read on to discover essential tips for cleaning and replacing gun parts.

Disassemble and Clean the Gun

Experts recommend cleaning a firearm after 300 firing rounds to ensure good performance. The cleaning will help remove residue like unburnt powder, carbon, and small bullet fragments that tend to accumulate and may cause the firearm to malfunction. Gather the necessary gun parts and cleaning supplies like cleaning solvent, cleaning rods, bore patch and bore mop. If you have doubts, seek guidance on the specific cleaning supplies to get and how to use them.

You’ll need to learn how to properly disassemble the firearm by checking the manufacturer’s manual to clean it. Set up adequate working space to spread out your firearm parts. Start with unloading the gun and confirm that the chamber is empty. Next, remove the magazine and separate different gun parts carefully, setting them aside on your working table.

Begin with cleaning the barrel with a dry bore brush to get rid of larger debris. Then, use a cleaning solvent and lint-free patches to cleanse the inside thoroughly. Finally, clean other gun parts using copper brushes and solvent spray. Remember to apply a lubricant to the necessary gun parts, but don’t over-lubricate.

Inspect and Replace Worn Out Parts

Proper firearm inspection can help you determine the specific gun parts to replace. So, after disassembling your firearm, carefully inspect the firing pin, recoil spring, and extractor. These parts tend to wear out fast over time, and you’ll need to replace them regularly.

Replace the recoil spring after 2000-3000 firing rounds or if there has been a decrease in cycling performance. A worn-out spring can cause the firearm to malfunction, affecting the gun’s ability to cycle properly and safely.

If you’re doubtful about whether to replace a certain gun part, it’s best to hang on the side of caution and replace it. Also, you can consult a gun parts seller to know the ideal frequency of replacing certain parts.

Reassemble and Store

After cleaning the gun and replacing the worn-out parts, now it’s time to reassemble it. Ensure every part is back to where it’s supposed to be. Double-check that the firearm isn’t loaded and wipe the exterior with a lint-free cloth before storing it.


Proper maintenance of your firearm can help you enhance safety and optimal performance. Regularly disassemble your gun to check for worn-out parts and clean it. Getting the right gun cleaning supplies to simplify your work. Consult a firearm expert to know when to replace various gun parts.