How To Find The Right Swimwear Style For Your Body Shape

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Summer is on the way, and it is the time for the planning to spend sunny days at the beach, or the idea of lazing by the pool. Before you plunge into the water, discovering the perfect swimwear that is not only of the right size but also is what you feel good in, is very important. Whatever you are planning to do, be it going to a tropical vacation or just hanging at the local pool, the swimsuit that fits your body shape should be chosen.

Finding the right pick among many swimwear is both an enjoyable and difficult task to accomplish. With the variety of kinds and patterns that are on the market, you can be sure to feel swamped. Don’t panic, this article will help you out.

Flattering Swimwear for Every Body Type

For those with a pear-shaped figure, where the hips are wider than the shoulders, high-waisted Luli Fama bikinis and tankinis can do miracles. They showcase your waist and balance your proportions, thus giving you a wonderful look and a feeling of comfort.

Swim dresses and one-piece swimsuits with ruched or gathered fabric can really shape the waistline of a person with an apple shape—someone with a fuller waistline. A style featuring a plunging neckline and striking patterns will surely draw attention upwards, and thus, improve the overall appearance.

The people with an hourglass shape—with a well-balanced figure and a small waist, have the opportunity to choose. A wrap-around Luli Fama bikini or one-pieces with waist detailing make your natural curves look amazing, and going for bold colors and dynamic prints showcase your shape in a wonderful way.

People with a rectangle body shape, where the shoulders, waist, and hips are nearly equal, should aim to add curves. A push-up or padded top can make the breast fuller while Luli Fama swimsuits with ruffle, embroidery, or patterns can make your body look more round.

Finally, for those who have the inverted triangle shape, that is, having broad shoulders and a narrow waist and hips, it is all about trying to balance your proportions. Choose the styles with ruffle or tiered bottoms to make your hips look good. Dark colors with simple designs on the top and intricate designs on the bottom can be the key to balance your figure.

Choosing the Right Material and Fit

Apart from the style, the choice of the right material and the fit that you want are two key elements in a sound decision. Buy swimsuits made from fabrics that are strong, elastic and at the same time will give you both the comfort and the support you need. The swimwear should come in a perfect fit, not too tight or too loose and it should not dig into your skin.


The swimsuit that you are the most comfortable in and that gives you the best feeling about yourself is the one that is the best for you. You will be able to enjoy all the positive things—the sun, sand and sea with the perfect swimwear selection!