How To Choose The Right Rug Repair Service For Your Needs

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A rug is an accessory that adds warmth, texture, and color to one’s home. However, as with other household items, it gets old. After some time, there starts to be wear and tear. Whether it be frayed edges or faded patterns, these take away the rug’s beauty, and therefore its respective value. In cases like these, it is time to repair the rug. Deciding to repair a rug is not just simply a decision about keeping the rug’s aesthetic appeal—it’s also about extending its use for generations.

Rug restoration starts with the determination of the type of rug and identification of the restoration need. Rugs are made out of a variety of materials woven together in quite a number of ways. There are hand-woven rugs, hooked rugs, machine-woven rugs, etc. Some are made from organic materials, while others are made from synthetic materials. We also have some rugs that are ancient heirlooms, are priceless, and may have been made differently from conventional rugs nowadays.

Each of these require different skill sets to repair, hence you need to start with identifying your rug type. This sets the stage for choosing the most suitable rug repair service.

Researching Reputable Rug Repair Services

After identifying your rug type, it is time to do some research to find a skilled artisan who “speaks the language of your rug.” There are many ways to do this, and a common way is to ask friends and family who have done rug repairs in the past. You can also ask the online community, or simply ask Google, Bing, or another search engine of your choosing. You may then begin to access the artisans based on their online reviews.

As we mentioned earlier, always ensure that you put a high emphasis on service providers that have expertise. Only with such experience will they be capable enough to address the unique repair needs of your rug(s) effectively.

Once that is out of the way and you contact the rug repair service, ask to see whether they have some before and after photos of their past repairs so you can gauge if the quality of their work suits your needs.

Evaluating Repair Techniques and Understanding Costs

Quality varies widely among rug repairs, so the cheapest option isn’t necessarily the right one. Instead, ask to know the type and range of techniques and processes used by the rug repairers. A high-quality provider should be able to offer lost thread reweaving and color correction, among other things, and be very up-front about the methods they use. Understanding what kind of techniques they use, you will be able to gauge whether the service will be able to return the rug to the same state and originality, maintaining its character.

Only after confirming this should you then consider costs. You may compare prices from rug repair service providers near you, so that you know how much the prevailing market rate is for repairing your rug.


Selecting the right repair service can be one of the biggest determinants in the life and beauty span of your rug. A well-repaired rug is both restored to its form and place as part of your home’s story. Follow our tips above about how to search for a good rug repairer, how to evaluate their technique and quality of work in addition to how to compare costs. These will help you make the best choice and get the best outcome.