How to connect with God SPIRITUALLY

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Today we are going deep and open the subject on How To Connect With God. It is a bond that should always be open, no matter the circumstances.

For many years I have met many good people who want to have a closer relationship with God. I am amazed by their perception of “God’s silence“. They often think that God will do something dramatic in their lives; something grandiose that will prove that it is about Him.

God does not act this way. He does not perform theatrically. God wants us to love him, and even in some sense to “court” him – which means that we cannot be passive observers in our relationship, but partners.

We must follow God as we would follow the person we are in love with. Here are some steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation.

10 Steps To Spiritually Connect With God

Start listening

Faith is not a 12-step program. It is not a mathematical problem that can be “solved”. Faith is a loving relationship. The most important thing we can do, as in a relationship with our own spouse, is to be present and listen.

This requires us to invest time and attention. If my wife and I are impatient and we pretend to listen to each other, why do you think that would work with God?

Learn to be silent

We can’t hear anything in a world full of noise and distracting news. C.S. Lewis often used to say that noise is music from hell. Our things – all distractions – keep us separate from focusing on important life questions: Why are we here? What is the meaning of my life? Is there a God, if so, who is he, and what does he ask of me?

Stay humble

Humility in the spiritual sense is what in the material sense is poverty – a great purifier. Humility is the beginning of peace of mind. We can’t really see – much less love – someone or something if we find ourselves in the way.

When we finally begin to believe in our own sinfulness and insignificance, many other things become possible for us: repentance, mercy, patience, forgiveness, and more. These virtues are the cornerstone of one great Christian virtue – righteousness. Justice cannot be found in the web of anger, accusations, and blind pride.

Work on honesty

Only a humble man can be completely honest. The reason is simple. The most painful and important moment in honesty is to admit to yourself and others the truth about your own motives and deeds.

Honesty is the best policy. If I lose mine honor, I lose myself | William Shakespeare

The reason why honesty as a virtue attracts us so much is that we rarely find it. Modern life is often based on half-truths and lies about who we are and what we deserve. Many lies often have good intentions and are not so harmful – but they are still lies.

The Bible praises sincere women and men because they are like fresh air in a room full of smoke. Honesty allows the mind to breathe and think freely.

Seek holiness

connect with Jesus

Being holy does not mean being dear or good, although holy people are always good and often – though not always – dear. Holiness means being “different” – what the Bible means when it tells us to “be in the world, but not of the world.”

This does not happen all at once. We must choose and seek holiness. God’s ways are not always our ways.

Holiness is a permanent habit in striving to align our thoughts and actions with God’s ways.

There is no universal model of holiness, just as piety cannot be reduced to just one type of prayer and prayerful attitude.

It is important to love the world because God loves it and because he sent his Son to redeem it.

We must not remain trapped in the habits and values ​​of the world that are often inconsistent with that of God.


Prayer is more than daily informing God of what we need and what we will do. Sincere prayer is closer to the act of listening and is associated with obedience.

Don’t forget to pray today, because God didn’t forget to wake you up this morning

God wants to hear what we need and love, what we fear, because it is part of our daily lives, and He loves us. But if only we talk – we can’t listen. Notice that we cannot pray without humility. Why?

Because prayer requires us to be before God without masks so that we can surrender to Him all that we experience and have in our hearts. Pride hinders us in that endeavor.

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Scripture is the living Word. When we read God’s Word, we meet God in person. J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Georges Bernanos, and many others were intelligent and great writers whose minds and souls were Christian-oriented, inspiring their imagination to write.

Reading also contributes to another, simpler purpose: it protects our mind from the noise that distracts us from fruitful contemplation. We can’t read “Letters of the Old Devil to the Younger” and watch television at the same time…

Which is actually a good thing. By the way, if you don’t have any plans for 2022, I invite you to read Tolkien’s short story “Leaf by Niggle“. It takes you less than an hour to do this, and you will remember this work for a lifetime.

I also suggest C.S. Lewis and his sci-fi trilogy: Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra, and That Hideous. After reading these works, you will no longer look at the world with the same eyes.

Believe and act

No one can “earn” faith. She is God’s free gift. We must be willing and ready to receive it. Discipline is needed to be prepared.

If we sincerely seek the truth, if we strive for things that are greater than what this life can provide, if we open our hearts to the Lord – then one day we will sincerely believe. That faith will be as simple as the decision to give even greater and deeper love to someone we care about.

Feelings are fragile and often seduce us. They are not the foundation of our faith. We must be grateful for the feelings that are God’s gift, but we must also judge them through the light of reason.

Falling in love is just a foretaste of love. True love is more beautiful and demanding than the initial infatuation. Looking at things that way, the conversion in the style of the “road to Damascus” does not happen to most people, even St. Paul did not stay long on the road. Why?

For when Christ revealed himself to Paul, he immediately gave him the task he must perform. We get to know and love Jesus Christ better by following what he tells us. Realistically, feelings that last are accompanied by deeds that matter.

The more sincere we are in following Jesus Christ, the closer we are to him. That is why the disciples at Emmaus recognized Jesus in “breaking bread.” Only acting in faith and by faith makes our faith more real.

No one comes to heaven alone

We all need friendship and togetherness. One friend of mine who has been married for over 40 years likes to say that the key to a good marriage is friendship.

Every successful marriage is ultimately based on: honesty, intimacy, fidelity, mutual sacrifice, hope, and common faith. Every successful marriage is a form of community. Even Jesus needed two things: friendship and fellowship.

The apostles were not just followers of Jesus; they were his brothers and friends, people who knew and supported him intimately. All of us Christians need these same two things. It doesn’t matter if we are regular people, people dedicated to life, deacons or priests, single or married. Friends matter. Fellowship is key.

Our friends talk about us and shape us. Good friends support us. Bad friends are trying to undermine us. Friends play an important role in whether we will succeed in the Christian life.

The sacraments

Tenth and last, there is nothing more powerful than the sacrament of confession and the Eucharist that lead us to the God we seek. God is available to us every week in confession and every day in sacrifice at the altar.

God has given us two hands, one to receive with and the other to give with

It is difficult to speak of “God’s silence” when our churches are in silence due to indifference and absence. We are the ones who have a cold heart – not God. No one can surpass him in his generosity.

He quietly awaits us in the tabernacle, loves us, and longs to be loved around the world in return. If we are willing to give him our love, these 10 steps will lead us to him.

I think now you have a pretty decent understanding of how to connect with God. If you liked our post, make sure to spread the word on social media.