Can ADULTERY Be Forgiven? YES. Here’s How

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Today we ask the question: can adultery be forgiven? We try to answer this with examples. With the help from the experts of course. Read our post.

Experts claim that many couples successfully solve the problem of adultery and some relationships after such events can be even better.

Also, definitions of adultery differ, for some adultery is sexual intercourse with another person, for some a kiss, while for some it is adultery to see, or just think about another person. As incredible as the thought that adultery could happen to us or someone close to us sounds, scandals do happen, and the realization that a partner has been unfaithful to the other side causes tremendous pain.

Apart from the pain of the cheating itself, there are many other questions. What to do next? Can trust be restored after adultery? What if your partner cheats again? Should I stay or leave?

Some research suggests that approximately 2.3 percent of married women and 4.3 percent of married men cheat on their partners at some point. Many, however, assume that this is a much larger number. Recent research confirms that, regardless of what culture and religion dictate, people are simply not “tuned” to monogamy.

Now that we have said that, we can add that cheating is in most cases a motive for visiting a therapist with a strong desire for the relationship to improve and the relationship to survive. Psychologists agree that a relationship that survives adultery can get much better – but it won’t happen without a lot of effort and conversation. Here are some key elements that must be accepted if you want your marriage to survive adultery and become even stronger.

Adultery does not mean bad marriage

There are many reasons that lead to cheating, but an affair doesn’t mean your marriage is bad. “Some of my clients said they cheated on their partner because they were embarrassed to talk about their sexual desires,” said Joe Kort, a psychotherapist.

forgiving adultery

They know how to react to such statements with disapproval and consider their desires as perversions.

But concealing one’s own desires is certainly not a guarantee that they will suddenly become irrelevant, but will come to the surface in an inappropriate and destructive way.

It is important in this situation to find a way, to be honest with your partner, have more understanding of your partner’s wishes, and let yourself experiment.

Forget the victim-bully relationship

Love and desire are extremely strong and complicated emotions, and renowned psychologist Esther Perel says those emotions are “too demanding” to give a simple answer as to what is good, who is the victim, and who is the bully.

work in a relationship

If the cheating partner takes the role of the victim and lets the partner know that he is guilty and that he has to correct the situation himself – the problem will not be solved because there is a misunderstanding.

” A day in the life of an adulterer – they think of a lover as soon as they open their eyes, they call them during working hours …

The person who cheated often experiences resentment from friends or relatives who know how to make embarrassing comments. It takes a lot of courage to admit infidelity, so humiliating comments are just the reason for further accumulation of problems.

Partners must listen

The cheating partner must listen to the painful statements of the injured person for as long as it takes to begin recovery. The other partner must also be given the opportunity to express regret, a sense of guilt for the pain he has caused.

After saying all that, I am comfortable with saying, Yes, adultery can be forgiven.

It cannot happen overnight. it takes time and commitment from both partners. Obviously, the cheating partner has a lot of work to do. If you have doubts about forgiving your cheating partner, look for these signs and make your own judgment.

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Are you ready to forgive him/her?

Your partner is serious about reconciling

Forgiveness and a step forward will only work if the adulterer understands the seriousness of this situation and the hard work that reconciliation will require.

Your partner is working on himself

Overcoming adultery involves constructive actions toward resolving the internal problems that caused the person to cheat. This is a great thing when repairing a relationship because you need proof that your partner cares and shows care for you.

He is not defensive

He expresses his sincere regret and remorse for what he did. He takes full responsibility for his actions.

Not blaming you for the affair

Accepts that he made a mistake and sincerely wants to repair the damage.

Not in a hurry

So they don’t act like they’re pushing things under the rug, they’re not ignoring things or rushing them.

Both you and your partner must understand why this happened

You also talked about how to prevent this from happening again in the future, usually by learning to better communicate your mutual needs. It will also help rebuild trust because you two can learn how to communicate better.

He feels regret

Your partner’s attitude and actions have helped you develop empathy for them and their mistakes.

Communication is improving

Your partner’s commitment and behavior have allowed you to begin to establish a relationship that may have begun to fade before infidelity.

As a couple you have made enough progress to believe in your vows once again

The partner who cheated gave you enough reasons to dedicate yourself to marriage for better or worse. In other words, you still feel they are worth it.

You feel like you’ve turned a new page in your relationship

Their actions have helped you see your partner more clearly and feel grateful for your marriage.