What Is Crank? Learn More About This Dangerous Drug.

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“Crank” is a street name for the drug methamphetamine. Meth, which may also go by other names like “rock salt” and “shiny,” is one of the most lethal illicit drugs. It is known to cause a heavy rush, which intrigues users looking to get an intense high. It is accessed in various forms, including nearly transparent or white powder, capsule form, and dark yellow syrup.

It is also found in brighter colors of powder, including shades of yellow, pink, green, and blue. It is a Schedule II stimulant, as it is highly likely to result in addiction for the user. Medical methamphetamine is rarely prescribed, but when it is, it is in tiny dosages, entirely unlike the large dosages of street versions. Crank is used in large dosages, which influences the innate dangers of this drug.

There is controversy over the usage of medical methamphetamine because of how addictive the drug truly is and the vulnerabilities that this creates for patients. Much of this controversy rests around the use of medical methamphetamine to treat child and adult obesity. For more information on methamphetamine, continue reading and to learn about the dangers of the crank drug.

The Legal Restrictions of Crank Drug

Legal restrictions have increased over the years to protect against public accessibility and the subsequent dangers of crank drugs. In the U.S., it is illegal to stock, transport, produce, or sell the drug. Anyone caught doing so will face a federal investigation.

Dangers Of Amphetamines

Methamphetamine is within a class of drugs referred to as amphetamines. This class of drugs is made up of potent stimulants that instantaneously produce heightened mental and physical energy. As the effects lessen, the users’ energy levels dip quickly. The biological components that result in the chemical high of crank drugs are highly damaging to the central nervous system and essential organs. 

Side Effects Of Binge And Crash Cycles

Additional side effects of the drug result from meth binge and crash cycles; for example, as the crank drug wears off, people may experience dark thoughts and suicidal ideations. Users can also experience severe mood swings and violent outbursts. The highs can also lead to bursts of euphoria, resulting in a total lack of sleep and eating for days. During the crash, they may be unable to get up for extended periods.

Detoxing Safely Under Medical Supervision

Initially, breaking the addiction to the crank drug will begin with severe and destabilizing withdrawal symptoms. Overcoming the withdrawal and detoxing safely from these symptoms requires the support of 24/7 medical supervision. Withdrawal symptoms may include physiological symptoms, including restlessness, depression, psychosis, and hallucinations. For safety reasons, detoxing should take place at a drug detox center.

Getting Life-saving Help Immediately

If you or someone you care about is struggling with meth addiction, get help right away, as this potent drug addiction can result in permanent damage and death. Contact a drug detox facility to get the life-saving help that is urgently needed for yourself or the person you care for.