The World’s Top Gambling Spots: Where Are They, and What’s There?

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You might think you know the world’s biggest gambling spots, but do you really? Let’s take a look at the world’s four biggest hot spots for gamblers and see what they have to offer.

While the names might not surprise you, you’re probably not up-to-date on all that these places have to offer. Indeed, the business is booming globally, and especially in these meccas of the industry. Now that the world is opening back up post-pandemic, you should take advantage of the opportunity while you can and grab a ticket to your potential jackpot. And if you’re not in the mood to travel, fear not! The online world is fully open and waiting for new players. Check out Skycity Casino online in New Zealand for more.


While many people probably think that Las Vegas is still the world’s number one spot for gamblers, that’s actually no longer the case. The slightly lesser-known Chinese region of Macau actually surpassed Las Vegas recently in terms of annual revenue, although it brought in only 5.3 billion USD last year.

This number is actually somewhat low by normal yearly standards for gambling spots, but the reasons have mostly to do with the pandemic and tourists’ being somewhat slow to get back out. Nonetheless, at this point Macau is back and going strong again. People credit the region’s favorable policies and enthusiastic atmosphere for making it the world’s favorite spot for gamblers. 

The big spots in Macau include MGM Macau, which is an enormous 35 story, 600 room casino that also houses an entire resort. People can literally while away weeks or months there if they continue winning. It is truly a world unto itself.

Las Vegas

Not to be pushed out entirely, Sin City still makes the ranks in the #2 spot. Las Vegas grossed 14.8 billion USD last year, although it is expected to fall below the level of Macau again this year after China’s reopening to tourists.

Las Vegas is still the famous city it always has been, with Laa Vegas Boulevard maintaining a place in the eyes of many an expectant gambler as the epitome of potential glory. People dream about the sites of Las Vegas, both gambling-related and not. 

In addition to glitzy casinos, this oasis in Nevada is home to such famous sites as the Bellagio Fountains, which hosts an amazing light show every night. You can also find the 36-story pyramid and sphinx, a combination mostbet jackpot slots/hotel which bears an uncanny likeness to the Egyptian originals. 


Although not only famous for gambling, this gem at the foot of Malaysia is actually the third highest-grossing gambling spot on the globe. It was also a bit slow to open following the pandemic, but Singapore still managed to gross over 3 billion USD in revenue last year. 

Among other things, those wishing to try their luck can head to Singapore Pools, which is the primary place for lotteries and sports betting in the country. Players can try their hands at a range of options, from 4D to horse racing to football.

Singapore also boasts such grand places as the resort complex of Marina Bay Sands, an enormous 55-story, three-part structure which houses every amenity that gamblers could possibly hope for. And there’s the Resorts World Sentosa, which is just off the main island housed on the island of Sentosa. It is truly a world unto itself, including a universal studios location, an aquarium, and countless other attractions.

Give it a go, in-person or online

Fortunately, the betting world has advanced to the point where people now have a wide choice in terms of where and how they want to play. You can either go all out and hit one of the world’s big hot spots, or lay low at home and try your hand on your PC or even your phone. However you choose to participate, the options are becoming better and more plentiful all the time. And with the inclusion of things like cryptocurrencies for payment and international sites, people of all nationalities can participate together in common forums. The possibilities for winning are truly endless.