Smooth Sailing: Top Destinations for Unforgettable Yacht Charter Vacations

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Of all the forms of vacation, chartering a luxury yacht offers the most freedom and sense of adventure. Yachts available for charter range from a relatively easily managed 35 feet to massive 150+ foot mega yachts.

Charter options include crewed, skippered, and “bareback,” where the vessel renter is responsible for all provisions and sailing. Obviously, the bareback option tends to be for much shorter trips – usually day trips in easily navigable waters.

Where to Set Sail?

There is a wide swath of charter yacht destinations to choose from, ranging from the Philippine archipelago to the Caribbean. When deciding on a destination, one should consider the scenery, water (sailing) conditions, and local attractions & amenities. And taking these factors into account, the top vacation spots for a luxury yacht charter are as follows: 

Australia, the Whitsundays Islands. There are tropical paradises to be found around the world, but not so many that are next to the Great Barrier Reef. The area is a magnet for diving and snorkeling, and Whitehaven Beach is a world-class attraction.

Greek islands. The thousands of islands around Greece are not just legendary tourist destinations, but most of them also have really cool names like “Naxos” and “Zakynthos.” In addition to the great scenery and food, there is a wealth of historic sites in the region. The Mediterranean Sea to the south of Greece offers great sailing conditions that are suitable for novice sailors. Calm waters, steady winds, and short distances between islands and the mainland make for smooth sailing.

Italy. For beautiful coastlines, it is hard to beat the Amalfi Coast, the Italian Riviera or the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. Italian cuisine is world-renowned, and many of Italy’s cultural heritage sites are easily accessed from local ports. Summertime sailing conditions are excellent, with June being the best option for steady winds and fewer crowds of tourists.

United States and British Virgin Islands (USVI & BVI). These are the islands that come to mind when you hear “turquoise waters.” Unlike European destinations, the best time to charter a yacht in the Virgin Islands is between December and April. You can avoid the crowds by going in summer, but there is the small problem of hurricane season. Both the USVI & BVI have spectacular beaches and the laid-back vibe that the Caribbean is known for.    

Croatia. This is one of the world’s best-kept vacation secrets. This beautiful country on the East side of the Adriatic Sea is known as “The Land of a Thousand Islands.” Because it is less known, it is less touristy. That means that the coastlines and islets here are quieter and more relaxed, until now avoiding the over commercialism that plagues the major vacation hubs. If you visit Croatia, don’t skip the beautiful walled town of Dubrovnik. It’s a cool and wonderful place even for those who have never seen and don’t care about “Game of Thrones.”    

Destination Roundup

The ideal charter boat excursion gives the participants a chance to take in amazing scenery. Every destination has its own unique cultural charms to offer, so choose one that matches your interests and preferences for food, architecture, and history. Luxury yacht charters allow you to choose your own adventure.