My trip to Colombia, best travel blog to visit the most beautiful country of Latin America

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Have you always dreamed of discovering Colombia, exploring its dream landscapes and meeting the local population? Then you’ve come to the right place! Check out the travel blog “My Trip To Colombia”, where Angélica and Samuel reveal all about this magnificent country: a real goldmine for advice and tips! 

Who are Angélica and Samuel from the blog “My trip to Colombia”?

We’re a Colombian-French couple. Angélica is originally from Bogota and Samuel from Bordeaux. We’re web writers, photographers, influencers and Colombia specialists. We created our blog “My Trip To Colombia” to inspire travelers and help them prepare their trip to Colombia.

How did they come up with the idea of creating a blog dedicated to Colombia?

On the one hand, we wanted to share our passion for Colombia and help change the country’s image, and on the other, we wanted a project that we could both relate to. What’s more, Samuel already ran a travel blog,, and was therefore already experienced in the world of blogging. As a result, the idea of creating a blog about Colombia matured and became an obvious one.

Do you feel a recent craze around this destination?

That’s one of the reasons why we decided to get involved. Since the peace accords, tourism in Colombia has exploded! Colombia is becoming a trendy destination, whereas a few years ago everyone was afraid to go there.

This is both very positive and a little frightening. The country will have to adapt very quickly to this new influx of tourists. That’s why we’re keen to raise travelers’ awareness of local initiatives and a more responsible way of traveling.

What do you like best about this country?

Everything about it! It’s the most beautiful country in Latin America! In all objectivity of course… 😉 The richness and diversity of the landscapes are fantastic, the Colombians are a welcoming, funny and smiling people, and then there are the colors, colors and more colors! Something to delight all your senses.

What are Colombia’s little extras compared to other Latin American countries?

There are many, but we’ll try to keep it simple. Colombia is the 2nd richest country in the world in terms of biodiversity (photography and nature lovers beware!). It brings together in a single country all the landscapes to be found in South America: paradisiacal beaches (Caribbean) or wild (Pacific), mountains (Andes Cordillera), desert (Tatacoa, La Guajira) immense plains (Llanos), Amazonian forest (1/3 of the country).

Beyond this natural wealth, Colombia has preserved its colonial heritage, with its many colorful towns and villages that are quite simply splendid.
There are still many indigenous peoples who have managed to keep their way of life and culture intact. And last but not least, Colombians themselves contribute to the beauty of the country, with their traditions, music and legends! That’s a lot of little extras! 😉

What are the must-sees on a trip there? And how long does an optimal stay take?

For us, the minimum for a trip to Colombia is 3 weeks. Less would be sacrilege, and more is always a good idea.The wealth of the country and its vast surface area are such that, in any case, you’ll have to come back!The idea on a first trip is to get a taste of the country’s diversity, alternating between big cities, small villages, beaches, mountains and jungle…

If we had to pick out a few must-sees, we wouldn’t be too original, but we’d mention Bogotá, Cartagena, Medellin, Cali, the Eje Cafetero, the Cocora Valley, trekking in the Andes and the Sierra Nevada, admire the whales on the Pacific coast, dive in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean coast, discover the archaeological sites of San Agustin, the Tayrona Park, the Guajira desert, discover the Amazon, los Llanos, the Guaviare…

Advice do you have for those who are reluctant to travel there?

We advise you to browse our blog for reassurance! We’ve listed all our safety recommendations, and we’ve started collecting testimonials from travelers who share their feelings on the subject.Taken together, this gives a good overview and should reassure most of you!

Your blog has a “Responsible Tourism” category. Can you tell us more about it?

Yes, this part of the country is still undeveloped, but the idea is to showcase this type of tourism, which we feel should be the norm rather than the exception. All the more so in Colombia, where the explosion in tourism, still uncontrolled, poses real problems.

We talk about local, community-based or eco-responsible tourism initiatives, and encourage travelers to make use of them during their trip. We also give advice on how to travel more responsibly in Colombia, the small gestures that can make a difference, and how to behave in ways that respect both eco-systems and local populations.

In concrete terms, what actions are you taking in this context?

As bloggers, our action is to highlight this idea of responsible tourism and promote local initiatives or behaviors to adopt. As travelers, we try to do little things like choosing activities that don’t have a negative impact on eco-systems, or that have a positive impact on communities, or using eco-responsible products, such as sunscreens that respect the coral reef.

That said, we don’t see ourselves as specialists on the subject, because as travelers, we’re far from respecting a 100% responsible way of traveling. For example, we sometimes take internal flights within Colombia, as this allows us to reduce distances. However, in terms of ecological impact, we are well aware that this is not the ideal solution and that it’s better to take the bus.

Thank you Angélica and Samuel !
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