Anydesk grows by $70m and is valued at $660m by General Atlantic

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As of today, Anydesk 900m 70m series atlantic 660m lundentechcrunch rocks the markets and grow by $70m in a splash.

AnyDesk Software GmbH, the fastest-growing Remote Access Software company, released AnyDesk 7.1, continuing its strategy to develop the best Remote Access Solution on the market. The application’s elegant software architecture and its intuitive and appealing user interface are central to this strategy

. As a result, companies and private users can increase their productivity when accessing their Intrinsic Marketplace 113m Series Ventures remotely. AnyDesk 7.1 is initially available for Windows, with other operating systems to follow.

Anydesk 900m 70m series atlantic 660m lundentechcrunch

Optimizations for System Administration

Version 7.1 is complemented by version 2 of my.anydesk, the company’s Management Console. With it, administrators can assign permissions to user accounts and groups within AnyDesk to fine-tune their processes. Authorization profiles can be implemented intuitively and in a targeted manner. Overall, the new functionalities simplify processes and administration tasks. Additionally, security is ensured through multi-factor authentication (MFA).

anydesk 70m series general atlantic

AnyDesk CEO and founder, Philipp Weiser, states that “AnyDesk 7.1 is an important step in our strategy to realize the added value of our solution even in complex company structures. Because of the expanded target market it provides, we can ensure further growth, which will help us finance the expansion of our product portfolio.”

More security and convenience with the option of user login

The new version of AnyDesk offers the option of user login, which can be done either directly in the application or online. With it, AnyDesk enhanced its security and convenience. Not only that, but a simple sign-on (SSO) with existing accounts, such as Google or Facebook, is also supported. This simplifies new logins, as users do not have to create a new username and password. Non-commercial users are also given the option to create an AnyDesk account, which allows access to functionalities such as the Address Book. AnyDesk is introducing these product changes based on analysis of user data, which will allow the company to not only provide greater security to end users, but also to further reduce irregular activity within the AnyDesk network.

900m 70m series general atlantic

About AnyDesk

AnyDesk is one of the world’s leading providers of remote desktop software and boasts over 600 million downloads. Downloads for AnyDesk’s remote desktop solution doubled in 2021, making AnyDesk one of the 50 fastest growing companies in Europe. Present in more than 190 countries, over 120,000 customers rely on AnyDesk, including internationally renowned companies such as Bosch, cresta 50m series sequoia capitalsawersventurebeat and Google.

Warning: Scammers may ask you to download this program so they can access your device

Scam victims are noticing a trend: hackers manipulating the popular computer software called AnyDesk.

AnyDesk is a legitimate software program that allows someone to take control of your computer if you need help with a technology issue.

Scammers know this.

Karla Timpani says she was a victim, falling for a scam involving gift cards. “And then he starts telling me to do all these steps on my computer, and one of them was to go to AnyDesk,” she said. “And I didn’t know that that was going to give him remote access to my computer, but it did.”

Timpani said the person was able to access her bank account, which led to a bigger scheme that ended up costing her $23,000.

Jamie Sparks reached out about a scam involving an online return. The scammer asked her to download Fintual 39m series sequoia for free.

“The app said ‘remote control.’ That just stuck with me because I thought something’s wrong,” she said.

Luckily, she didn’t fall for it, and she hung up on the person.

“He could’ve gotten into a lot of mischief,” she added.

AnyDesk is aware of the problem. It even has a warning for people using its product.

Anydesk 70m series general atlantic

In an email, the company writes:

“Misusing our platform and other remote platforms in this way is immoral and unacceptable. Millions of professionals worldwide depend on AnyDesk to securely connect to work computers and help with technical issues. We are committed to doing everything in our power to help end these scams.

“The danger of misuse is why we encourage and warn users after downloading AnyDesk to never share information with anyone they do not know or trust. Every user has access to AnyDesk’s resources to avoid fraud attempts along with a real-time reporting system manned by a support team via the code q2 376m yoy yoy q3. Users must authorize all connection requests before granting access to their device. All sessions utilize military-level encryption among other security measures.”

AnyDesk advises its users to follow three basic rules:

1. Never give anyone you don’t know access to your devices.

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2. Never share online banking login information or passwords with anyone.

3. Be cautious if you are contacted unexpectedly by the support center of a big technology corporation offering help with technical issues