Ho’oponopono Hawaiian Prayer With IMAGES

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Ho’oponopono prayer is an ancient Hawaiian problem-solving technique by taking full responsibility for absolutely everything that happens to us and by clearing toxic programs in our own subconscious. It is used for various purposes, mostly to heal and resolve conflicts. The three basic rules are taking 100% responsibility for everything, clean, and fire inema expectations.

Ho’oponopono is the process of releasing harmful energies in the subconscious through forgiveness, repentance, and transformation. You can achieve all this by using four thoughts: “I’m sorry“, “Forgive me“, “I love you“, “Thank you“. The technique is very effective and when you do it by the rules, the results come very quickly, and one of the first things you notice is that you stop worrying.

You can find the Ho’oponopono prayer below.

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Ho’oponopono prayer

I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you

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Ho’oponopono Image Gallery

Below we bring you a conversation with Mabel Katz. The interview is taken from Hooponopono Tehnika.

How has ho’oponopono affected your life?

I don’t think I would have been alive if I hadn’t started doing ho’oponopono. Because what we do to ourselves with worries, trying to change the people around us, wanting to be constantly right is not good for us and our health. I learned to say “I don’t know” with ho’oponopono. I realized I didn’t know anything, so it’s easier. You turn into a child again. You let go, you believe and you watch. We’re still taking some action (doesn’t mean you don’t have to do anything anymore), but you’re guided by inspiration, and that’s different.

What is ho’oponopono?

Ho’oponopono is an ancient problem-solving technique. Ho’oponopono says that all problems, no matter what they are, are just memories that replay, like a spinning CD. Ho’oponopono helps you stop the CD. When we stop a CD player, God or the Universe or Jesus or someone else, he comes and can remove the CD because we gave him permission. Ho’oponopono helps you “stop the CD” to receive help, and that you don’t have to do it yourself and show you that the CD can be erased.

When the space on the CD becomes free, then you can only burn something new. Ho’oponopono can be practiced by everyone. It is even easier for children than for us. You just tell them to say “Thank you” and they do it without a problem.

How long does it take to master Ho’oponopono prayer?

Some learn it through the Internet or books, others after one seminar. It took me about 200 seminars to figure out how it works. People can figure out the idea, but you can’t say you need it because it’s about reprogramming. I have to hear this information over and over again because I can discover something new, hear it. The technique is very simple, but it is not easy to work all the time, even after so many years as I have been doing it.

What are the basic tools of ho’oponopono?

“Ho’oponopono consists of the thoughts we have listed. “I’m sorry. Please forgive me for all that is in me that created this situation. ” So we take 100% responsibility, but without guilt. So we are not guilty, we are responsible for the CD we play. Don’t equate responsibility and guilt. With ho’oponopono prayer, we accept the consequences – everything we receive in life is the result of something that happened before.

ho'oponopono Hawaii

If something comes up in my life, I need to clean it up. So if you have a problem, I say “I’m sorry for what’s in me that makes it a problem,” I take responsibility. But I don’t have to say “I’m sorry, I take responsibility for what happened, forgive me” every time, I can only say “Thank you!” And when I’m doing something, and I’m tired, instead of a voice in my head telling me that I could go to the room to lie down, I keep repeating “Thank you, thank you, thank you”. That way I can be present, and what I do comes from inspiration.

Basically instead of saying “I’m sorry”, “Forgive me”, “Thank you” and “I love you”, and the four thoughts that came to Joe Vitale through inspiration, we shorten them only to “Thank you” or “I love you”, everything works that allow you to let go, to go back to the present moment and realize that everything you draw into your life is perfect because it’s your chance to let go of the problem, or “stop the CD”.

You change your life from moment to moment – every time you say “Thank you” or “I love you” your life changes because it’s all a result of the decisions you make, your choices, whether you decide to keep quiet about something or discuss. “

Can we heal the world with ho’oponopono prayer?

“I believe that not only can we heal him, but we can bring peace to the whole Earth. When you do ho’oponopono you are really listening to the other person. Otherwise, we are not present in full in the conversation, we want to be right, we want our word to be the last. If we really listened to each other, we would realize that we are talking about the same thing, we just call it different, but we are all actually looking for the same thing. We are here to cleanse the memories of our ancestors and relatives as well. We can clean it all up.

The crisis is constantly mentioned – can we solve that too?

“They say the darkest part of the night is just before dawn. The best is yet to come. We have to face the darkness, what is happening. We have to go through that to see the light, and it’s better to let it go than to fight to see the light sooner. ” Autumn is the time of cleansing, and ho’oponopono is a form of cleansing from within. “That’s right – it’s an internal cleansing that changes everything on the outside. That way you can fix everything in life, including health, work, love…

Health is also a memory. Maybe from your ancestors. When you say in my family everyone has diabetes. You can stop it, you can “erase that CD”, and you may even stop it for the next generation. We promise that you can be calm, even if you already have diabetes. You may need less insulin, you will be able to lead a more normal life. You will be calm, no matter what happens.

We can’t promise you that diabetes will go away. You have to fire and give permission to your part that knows what is right for you. It can still hurt you, you can still be sick, but you will be calm. And when you’re calm, it’s like pressing “STOP” on the CD player so that inspiration comes into your life and you don’t have to worry about anything. With ho’oponopono prayer you become more flexible, open your mind, and realize that you know nothing.

How does ho’oponopono affect relationships in our lives?

“Some relationships fall apart after ho’oponopono because it’s best for that person to break up. If it’s best for us to break up, we’ll break up. Some connections have improved. What is best for us is happening. This manifests itself very quickly in relationships. Ho’oponopono is how to be in the right place at the right time with the right people.

ho'oponopono prayer

But for that to happen you have to clean up the garbage you’ve piled up in your life. Things happen to you that doesn’t seem the most beautiful to us at the moment, you eventually see that it’s part of the cleansing process to get to where the path will open for something good for you.

For everything that happens, good or bad, I say “thank you”. When you start getting evidence, you really know that’s the way it is. You are calm and you know that this is best for you “, says Karmen Jerković, Ho’oponopono Croatia. “I feel that there is no man in the world who would make us happy. It does not exist, it has not been created yet. One of the things ho’oponopono prayer taught me is that we can be alone and be happy and peaceful.

I think it’s very important before we start a relationship, to know that we don’t need a relationship to be happy, but we want it. That we want a partner who will be with us in life, but also to know that the perfect relationship is one that will give you the opportunity to clean up, to take responsibility, and say “I’m sorry, forgive me please for what’s in me”. It’s not the point to find the perfect relationship with the perfect man.

hawaii tree

It is very important that we women learn to be alone and understand that we do not need a man – yes, we want a man in life, but we do not need him in life, we do not need him to be complete. Ho’oponopono can lead you to break up with the wrong person, but there is no need to suffer. But it can also lead you to fix the connection.

Ho’oponopono prayer will help you to be calm in a relationship, but also if you are going through a divorce, even if you are alone. That’s the beauty of ho’oponopono – because it’s about you and the knowledge that you don’t need anything outside of yourself. You cannot find happiness outside of yourself. You won’t find her in a new home, in money, at work, or even in a relationship – you’ll never find her outside of yourself. Ho’oponopono helps you discover who you really are and bring perfect people and things to life, ”explains Mabel.

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