From Puppies to Playmates: Raising Snowy Pines White Labs

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You can find puppies through friends and shelters, but when you want a white lab it’s best to get your puppy from a reputable labrador breeder. These loving owners are dedicated to labradors and upholding the breed’s standard. When getting a new puppy, there’s a lot that you need to do.

Building essential command responses while instilling a compassionate nature will make your white lab the best companion you could hope for. Training and socializing are key, but often, people can fall behind when busy lives start to impede them. If you decide to get a puppy from someone like Snowy Pines White Labs, you’re already ahead in puppy raising!

Let’s take a look at how raising a white lab trained by a reputable breeder can be a blessing for a busy household.

Trained Puppies from Breeders Like Snowy Pines White Labs are Superior

Imagine your furry friend has the impeccable qualities of a service dog. They can help you around the house, keep you company on an exhausting day, and never misbehave while you’re having guests over. Sounds like the ideal dog!

When you get your puppy from a prominent labrador breeder who also offers extensive training programs, you know you’re getting a dog from someone who really cares. Oftentimes they will have large indoor and outdoor facilities where they can simulate at-home and on-the-street training exercises.

These breeders should offer training programs that can prepare you and your puppy for going out for an AKC Star Puppies certificate. For those who are interested in bringing their labs to socialize with people at hospitals and libraries, they should also be able to prepare you for the Canine Good Citizen test.

Continue Training and Socialization for the Best Grown Dog Behavior

We all want that perfect, well-behaved dog who sits loyally next to us. Even when you start off with a puppy who’s been professionally trained, if you don’t put that training to use, your dog can become lazy with their response time. To avoid sluggish recall action, make small training sessions and regular socialization part of your regular routine.

These do not have to be long, tiresome sessions. Make them quick and fun! For labradors, keeping your daily training sessions to a few times a day and 15 minutes or less works best. For more complex command requests, longer training sessions are needed.

Exercise Your Puppy to Avoid the Boredom Blues

Giving your white lab puppy the exercise they need will keep you both happy! Bored dogs tend to get stuck on bad behaviors like chewing your favorite pair of shoes or obsessively running your fence line and barking at people passing by.

The easiest way to get into a good routine is to find a cardio exercise you don’t mind doing regularly and bring your dog along! Walking is a great exercise for both humans and dogs, as it has a low impact on the joints and allows for a lot of sniffing and checking ‘pee-mail’.

For dogs who need more exercise, consider adding a bicycle into the routine. With a well trained dog, taking a bike ride is easy and gives your dog an excellent workout. This route saves you time while giving your white lab a great run.

A Dog Who Responds Every Time

No matter what, you’re going to love your dog. Your friends and neighbors are a different story. When you choose to get a puppy from a trustworthy breeder like Snowy Pines White Labs, you’re getting a dog who’s started on the right foot. All you have to do is take the training blocks and keep building! You can create the most beautiful relationship when you have strong communication between you and your pup.