A good sign: the most popular signs of gamblers that are believed in all over the world

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Many people who love gambling believe in superstitions, signs, and omens. Over the years, land-based and online casino players have developed their own signs, which are considered all over the world.

  1. Beginners are lucky

This sign is often used in everyday life, but it is especially revered by online casino users. On online casino sites such as Slotum, you can often meet newcomers who win their first real money. Regular casino visitors are convinced that luck loves newcomers more. A person who plays for the first time cannot lose. 

That is why other players, if possible, repeat the bet after the newcomer. If this cannot be done, they will not play at the same table with him. And not only because an inexperienced opponent is likely to leave them without a victory, but also because the actions of newcomers are often unpredictable and incomprehensible to other gamblers.

  1. Wear red

Gamblers quite often choose for themselves the “lucky” clothes in which they once won, and now they always put them on before the game. It is best if such things are also red, because it is considered the color of luck in gambling.

Players from all over the world know about this rule, but it comes from Asia. In China, red is considered the color of prosperity and good luck. In Macau, the Asian gambling entertainment center, some casinos even have red rooms specially designed to attract luck and money to players.

  1. The numbers of luck and failure

7 is the number of happiness, a symbol of prosperity and well—being. Players often choose seven for slots and blackjack.

In Western culture, the number of failures is considered to be 13. It brings misfortune, troubles, and a lack of money. To place bets on the 13th or bet on it in roulette is to tempt fate. But there are players who, on the contrary, consider 13 a lucky number and do not believe in a damn dozen.

  1. To turn back is to attract happiness

Many players in thereviewscasino.com are convinced that when you look back or leave the table during the game, you can win and bring good luck. This belief has affected not only the gaming sphere, but also everyday life. It is believed that after participating in a lottery or competition, it is better to postpone checking the results until later. Premature verification can lead to a loss, and if you delay the result, then a win is inevitable.

The other half of superstitious gamblers believe that turning back is attracting bad luck. The belief extends to flipping a coin. If you turn away when throwing, you can lose. A close look, on the contrary, promises a favorable outcome for the player.

  1. Don’t go in through the front door

The sign that recommends players enter the casino through the side or back doors originated in Las Vegas. Once upon a time, the entrance to the MGM Grand casino was a huge lion’s head, and visitors entered simply through its mouth.

People thought it was a bad sign. Many of them did not dare to enter the mouth and therefore looked for side doors. Subsequently, because of this, the MGM Grand even changed the main entrance, but the sign cannot be changed. Superstitious gamblers still do not enter the casino through the front door. This applies not only to the MGM Grand, but also to all other gambling establishments.

  1. Choose a place

Some players believe that the outcome of the game may depend on the table they are playing at and the place where they are sitting. It’s just not worth sitting at the nearest table. You need to carefully inspect the casino hall and choose the table on which there are many chips, and among the players, there is at least one person in a good mood.

Having decided on this, you need to sit in the right place. They consider the place opposite the entrance to be happy, but sitting with your back to it is a loss. Another way to choose a seat at the table is to watch it for a while and sit in the winner’s seat. It is not recommended to take the place of a gambler whose bet has not been played because his failure may go further.

Other signs popular with gamblers: 

  • Cards should be taken exclusively with the right hand and only when the dealer has finished dealing.
  • Women, especially pregnant women, bring good luck. They must stand next to the player, in no case behind his back. At the same time, they cannot touch the gambler.
  • A chip or die should be rubbed on clothes before betting or throwing.
  • In the casino, you need to take a high-denomination banknote with you and touch it before each bet. It is advisable to keep it in your pocket and perform the ritual unnoticed by others.
  • You can’t be happy about the first win, you need to take it for granted. All subsequent victories can be celebrated.
  • You can’t count money or lend money to someone before the game.
  • You can’t cross your legs and whistle while playing – it scares away luck and money.