Who will be relegated from the Premier League 2023/2024: preview

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The elite football championship of England began in the first half of August 2023, and will end in May 2024. 20 teams are taking part in the competition and will play 38 rounds, playing each other once at home and away. The Premier League gold will go to the team that scores the most points, and the Championship will go to the clubs that finish in the bottom three of the standings.

The top four contenders for relegation from the English Premier League at the end of the season are: Sheffield United, Burnley, Everton and Luton. By analyzing each of the teams, you can more accurately predict who will be demoted in class and who will manage to maintain their residence in the elite of English football.

Sheffield United

The Blades are performing extremely uncertainly in the current Premier League season and it will be extremely difficult for them to escape. After 23 rounds, Sheffield United were at the bottom of the standings and were 10 points behind the saving 17th line, while having one more match played. Having suffered 17 defeats and drawn four times, Chris Wilder’s boys won twice. Only Brentford and Wolverhampton managed to beat United at home. In addition, the inhabitants of Bramall Lane have the worst attack and defense in the championship.

Sheffield United looks disgusting in terms of gameplay and is absolutely deservedly the main contender for relegation. The Blades will try to create a miracle, but it will be extremely difficult for the team to do so.


The Burgundy team finished first in the Championship last season and may turn out to be a “team on the rise.” After 23 matches played, Burnley were 19th in the competition, three points ahead of last Sheffield United and six behind 18th Everton. Vincent Kompany’s boys suffered 16 defeats, drew four times and won three times. Luton, the Blades from Sheffield and Fulham were defeated by the brainchild of ALK Capital.

In attack, the Burgundy team played relatively well and scored on average one goal per 90 minutes of playing time. But the defense of the Turf Moor residents is quite mediocre. Burnley may improve, but it will be difficult for Jack Cork and company to save themselves. If you want to earn money by placing bets on the Premier League, we recommend placing them on mosbetazerbaycan.com.


The Toffees performed well until mid-December 2023, and then they slowed down impressively and dropped into the relegation zone. By the 23rd round, Sean Dyche’s men were in 18th place in the standings. The Liverpool club was six points ahead of 19th Burnley and one behind 17th Luton. At the same time, the Hatters had a game in hand. The Blues have a fairly good defense, but the attack is not very formidable.

Everton’s squad is competitive, but the Toffees need to improve in terms of performance. Last season, the Scousers managed to avoid relegation, and this season, if they don’t start collecting points more regularly, they may not be able to repeat the same trick for the second time in a row.


The Hatters had a weak start to their journey in the current Premier League and many began to write them off, but then the team improved. As a result, after 22 rounds, Luton was 17th in the standings, one point ahead of the relegation zone and had a game in hand. Rob Edwards’ team won and drew five times, and also suffered 12 defeats. The Premier League newcomers score quite a lot, but the team needs to play more reliably in defense.

If the Hatters continue in the same spirit, they will be able to maintain their registration in the English Premier League. At the same time, Luton has a difficult fight ahead for the right to remain in the elite.

Our forecast

Sheffield United and Burnley are in terrible form and only a miracle will help these teams avoid relegation to the Championship at the end of the season. Everton and Luton will most likely compete for registration in the Premier League and the Toffees have a better chance due to their experience here. So the third team relegated in the division below is more likely to be the Hatters.