Tweakvip Just Added Modern Warfare 2 To Their Platform

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This awesome gaming platform, Tweakvip, have just added the multi popular game: Modern Warfare 2. Read more inside.

How To Use Modern Warfare 2 On Tweakvip

Modern Warfare 2 weapon tuning allows you to make tiny adjustments to the attachments on any gun you’ve reached the top mastery level with, so you can really drill down into the minute details and fine-tune everything to best match your abilities and playstyle in the shooter.

The jury is still out on how much of a significant difference these small-scale tweaks actually have on your overall performance in Modern Warfare 2, but it doesn’t hurt to try out these settings and see whether they make things just a little bit better for you on the Tweakvip platform.

Tweakvip gives you chance to earn more XP fast

Modern Warfare On Tweakvip

(Image credit: Activision)

There are tricks to earn more XP fast in Modern Warfare 2 that will help you master weapons quicker so you can tune their attachments.

Previously, Modern Warfare 2 weapon tuning was disabled by Infinity Ward, as there was an apparent issue with the game crashing when players equipped five tuned attachments at the same time. Following an investigation and update, Infinity Ward have announced (opens in new tab) that these problems have been resolved and weapon tuning is reenabled, which means you can get back to using it again on your mastered weapons. If you’ve maxed out any of your guns, then here’s how to use Modern Warfare 2 weapon tuning to adjust the attachments.

MW2 Is Mega Popular


(Image credit: Activision)

To access Modern Warfare 2 weapon tuning, you need to reach the maximum level on the progression track for the particular weapon you want to customize. You increase your weapon level by using it in matches, and the maximum varies from gun to gun – for example, you unlock weapon tuning at progression level 20 for the M4, though it’s lower for some and higher for others on the Modern Warfare 2 gun list. You can check this stat by highlighting the weapon in a custom loadout, following the Platform Weapon Progression prompt under the name of the gun, then hitting the See Track button under the weapon and scrolling all the way to the right until you see the nut icon.

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Modern Warfare 2 Is The Real Deal

Modern Warfare 2

(Image credit: Activision)

To actually use Modern Warfare 2 weapon tuning to make changes, highlight the gun in your loadout then follow the prompt above it to visit the Gunsmith. Here you can add unlocked attachments to your gun, then if you hover over one of them you’ll see a prompt for weapon tuning.

Select that and you’ll enter the tuning screen, where you can tweak variables to see how they affect the stats, and if required jump straight into the Firing Range so you can test out your changes without having to jump into a live match on Tweakvip.

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Any Modern Warfare 2 weapon tuning you apply that you’re not happy with can easily be reverted, by following the Remove Tuning prompt on the tuning screen, though if you get the settings just right then you can try slotting it in to one of the best Modern Warfare 2 loadouts available.