Transfer from Visa and MasterCard to Dogecoin (DOGE)

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Visa and MasterCard is the largest credit and financial institution in world offering the population the largest number of banking products. But its main feature is, undoubtedly, the famous online service “ Visa and MasterCard ”, thanks to which bank clients can manage their accounts remotely, making transactions around the clock (24/7). It is logical that someone who urgently needs the Dogecoin cryptocurrency will first of all think about whether it is possible to pay for it with a Credit card.

Is it possible to purchase Dogecoins through Visa and MasterCard?

Transfer of Credit card USD to the Dogecoin system can only be carried out through specialized exchange services. The bank itself, although it is the most progressive and offers exchange services for various currencies at its cash desks, it does not work with digital coins (it does not sell or buy).

Therefore, let’s start by finding a suitable online exchanger. It works on the same principle as a regular one – it makes money on the difference in exchange rates and commissions. There are many such services today, but you can choose the most profitable one and the one where you can safely transfer from Visa and MasterCard to Dogecoin (DOGE) by following the

Also, do not forget to create a wallet for storing Dogecoins in advance, because… storing them on an exchange site is definitely not the best option (today everything is fine, but tomorrow a reliable service may not be available for technical reasons).

Features and nuances of the procedure that you should know about

Now let’s look at a few important points. The procedure for purchasing cryptocurrency in an exchanger is simple; any beginner can easily figure it out thanks to the intuitive interface of the site. The main thing is to be careful, take your time and double-check the entered data (card, contacts, amounts), and also take into account the recommendations below.

In terms of time, expect that the exchange operation will take at least 15 minutes (data entry, transfer, confirmation), and this is in the best case. Be sure to pay attention to whether there are notes regarding the transaction time on the monitoring of exchangers site Some exchangers warn that they are not responsible for the speed of the transaction, because it may be delayed due to the fault of third parties, i.e. due to server overload.

When filling out an exchange application, you must enter some data to complete the transaction. As a rule, this is the wallet number for the Dogecoin transfer, full name. transaction participant, email address and contact phone number. You should choose the exchanger in which credit card is indicated only to identify the received transfer, and for this, only the 16-digit number on the front side of the plastic is enough. You should not tell unknown persons the CVC2 (CVV2) code on the back of the plastic, with which scammers can write off money from other people’s accounts. Most exchangers send instructions to clients and indicate their card for transferring funds, which makes the transaction safer.

When making a transfer, you must indicate the purpose of the payment, because otherwise, the application may remain unprocessed. Also, be sure to check the minimum threshold and make sure that the money transferred is enough to cover the purchase of Doge coin cryptocurrency (the problem is that some exchangers do not allow replenishment of funds).

Visa and MasterCard is the most convenient option for paying for cryptocurrency purchased at an exchanger. Operations are carried out around the clock, receipts and payment information are stored. But don’t forget to take care of security when choosing a Dogecoin seller at Contact only proven services, analyzing their ratings and reviews. Fraudsters will never return the money, even if the “victim” still has receipts confirming the transfer.