Royal Reels: Safety and Legitimacy Analysis

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The analysis in this research is undertaken to scrutinize the health and safety measures and documentation practices that persist in the business so as to recognize and assess the failures in complying with work health and safety regulations and obligations. The target of this analysis is Royal Reels which is comprised in the manufacture and supply of gaming machines and spare parts. It is important to note that the products should be manufactured and tested in severe accordance with the related Australian and international standards.

The analysis is to be conducted in two stages. Firstly, the health and safety practices and documentation are to be scrutinized to recognize whether there is any failure in complying with the applicable health and safety laws and regulations. This entails examining the prevailing practices and risk controls and the way in which health and safety issues are documented. Secondly, the health and safety failures and evidences yielded from the first stage analysis will be examined in the context of work health and safety obligations and responsibilities of due diligence as set out in the Work Health and Safety Act 2011_Cth. The act provides that the top level management of a commercial association must exercise due diligence to make certain that the business is in compliance with the pertinent health and safety laws.

However, due diligence refers to the taking of reasonable steps by a person to avoid committing an offence against the act. It is also a matter of evidence based on the legal principle of respondeat superior which suggests that the person who is in the top management of a commercial association is responsible for the acts and omissions of any worker within that commercial association.

Overview of Royal Reels

Operators and game manufactures have been licensing slot machines for well over a century. In the United States, this process is referred to as gaming device and gaming support manufactures go through a series of steps to obtain and the market various types of slot machines and other gaming equipment. The complete process to obtain an initial gaming device manufacture is outlined in the State of Nevada Gaming Control Board: Gaming Device and Associated Equipment Manufacturers – Relevant Statues and Regulations.

Purpose of the Analysis

The core purpose of this analysis is to assess the safety and legitimacy of Royal Reels, in the hopes to offer elements of a risk management approach to such new digital gaming technologies. The analysis will inform methods of compliance with statutory and ethical responsibilities and will engage with possibilities to realise safety objectives in light of the speed of technological change. This paper will critically analyse the risks associated with new digital gaming technologies with the view of understanding why research in this area is so scarce. This is a very specific area of study and for centuries gaming laws have had to evolve as new technologies have appeared, and this analysis will scrutinise whether current laws are best suited to managing the safety demands of rapid technological advancement.

Safety Measures of Royal Reels

The personal regulation in the processing and protection of any personal data collected from clients of an online casino is through the GDPR. For Royal Reel, it is observed that through the use of secured sockets layer (SSL) technology all the pages that require personal data entry have been secured and encrypted before any data input. This is in accordance to the requirement of the GDPR where the best practices for protection of data have been provided. With such a comprehensive data protection policy, it is evident that Royal Reels is a safe and secure site for players. The personal regulation in the processing and protection of any personal data collected from clients of an online casino is through the GDPR.

For Royal Reel, it is observed that through the use of secured sockets layer (SSL) technology all the pages that require personal data entry have been secured and encrypted before any data input. This is in accordance to the requirement of the GDPR where the best practices for protection of data have been provided. With such a comprehensive data protection policy, it is evident that Royal Reels is a safe and secure site for players. The use of various secure payment options by Royal Reels further enhances the overall safety of the clients while playing in this particular online casino site. It must be noted that clients have the liberty to choose the most convenient payment option based on individual security and safety needs. The main options provided by Royal Reels include the use of credit cards ( Visa and MasterCard ), Neteller, Bitcoins, Wire Transfer as well as the use of Moneybookers. For the transaction with clients who prefer the use of emails and passwords in effecting payments, the best option is the use of Neteller which is a suitable e-wallet for making deposits and withdrawing winnings. With such secure payment options, players are certain that their financial and personal data is safe from unauthorized access or hacking. The journey of ascertaining the safety of Royal Reels cannot be complete without looking at the various independent game fairness and RNG auditing firms that have been enlisted in the site.

The main firms that have been provided in the Royal Reels online casino site include the Technical Systems Testing which is now rebranded as Gaming Laboratories International and actually it is the most commonly used by many software providers; eCOGRA which is UK-based and specialises in the certification of online gaming software and systems, MDS which is an Affiliate Member of the National Council of Legislators from Gaming States and finally; iTech Labs which is an ISO/IEC 17025 certified gaming software tester that undertakes a wide range of testing and certification. The listing of the various game testing and fairness firms in Royal Reels is a clear manifestation that players are always treated to a truly random outcome in every game played and that the operators adhere to the industry standards of fairness. The firms are obligated to periodically provide the analysis of the games to ensure that they remain fair and random.

Encryption and Data Protection

The second step in ensuring that a web service is legitimate and safe is data protection. This is because any data shared between the client and the server might be intercepted and stolen by a third party, who could use the information illegally. In order to make sure that the connection between the web server and the client is private, Royal Reels uses a protocol known as Transport Layer Security (TLS) to encrypt the data that is sent from a user’s device to the web server, and data that is sent from the web server back to the user. When data is encrypted, it is turned into many other pieces of data, using a special code. However, the data can only be decrypted, or turned back into its original form, using the correct decryption key.

The use of TLS is indicated when you access Royal Reels through the URL: a small padlock symbol, followed by the word ‘Secure’ . This means data is encrypted in both directions and it is safe from interception. Royal Reels also uses 128-bit encryption for all the data that is stored in their servers. This means that each piece of information that is stored in the server is turned into a one followed by 128 zeros, and backed up to separate locations. This level of encryption is a method of making sure that even if someone managed to get past the firewalls and data filtering measures Royal Reels have in place, and tried to access the stored data, the information would be unreadable and unusable to them. This implies that with the current technology, it would take many years to break even one piece of encrypted data, therefore ensuring that customer details are safe over time.

Secure Payment Options

This method of payment also benefits the buyer, who enjoys an extra peace of mind in the form of payment protection. After all, Mastercard users can ask for a chargeback in case something goes wrong with a transaction, putting the funds back into their account. The beauty in using a method such as Mastercard lies in the fact that it is widely accepted. No matter if you are sitting in front of your computer at home, using a smartphone or tablet on the go, chances are that most online casinos will support the payment method.

This also is a sign of how highly Mastercard regards safety and security; less reputable and less scrupulous online establishments simply would not be supported by such a recognisable and respected payment method. Last but not least, Mastercard offers a pre-paid option, the Mastercard RePower. This is ideal for players who want to strictly control their spending or perhaps those who are a little suspicious of parting with card details online. The method works by letting the user load money onto the card through various methods, such as bank transfer, at any one of over 100,000 supporting locations. However you choose to manage your gameplay, the huge number of slot and casino game players that select Mastercard as their primary payment choice is testament to a well-rounded and reputable payment method. By employing the latest, most advanced technology and stringent security measures, Mastercard is able to ensure that your hard earned cash remains safe, any and all personal and financial information is protected and always kept confidential.

Fairness and Randomness of Games

While it is true that the payout percentage of a slots game is a key indicator of how fair a game is, if the spins are not generated randomly, this figure becomes obsolete. Most reputable online casinos and slot game providers have their games independently tested for randomness and the results of the checks are published and available to the public. Royal Reels uses a Random Number Generator for their games – this is a widely used method of ensuring that the results of a game are generated and displayed entirely at random. A RNG is a computer program which uses complex algorithms to produce a sequence of numbers or symbols which lack any pattern. The same technology is used in the likes of shuffling machines in offline casinos and even for computerised chess games. However, the difference between this and a slots game is that the software is under constant scrutiny. For instance, Royal Reels use iTech Labs, who are one of the industry leaders in RNG testing and certification. This ‘game present’ audit ensures that the programming code of the game and the software used to run it are tested for compliance and that the game will always return to the game state it was in before any failure, be it accidental or deliberate. All of these features and methods help to ensure players are given a fair and safe gaming experience. Random jackpots are “pools” of money which seem to grow for no reason – and that is because they do!

Legitimacy of Royal Reels

Licensing and Regulation In 2011, the Gambling Commission in Gibraltar awarded a license to Royal Reels. This was a major step towards legitimising the company, and the Gibraltar license has been recognised as one of the strictest regulators in the world. All providers that are licensed by this Commission must provide a safe and secure gambling environment, and players have to be over the age of 18. In contrast to companies which hold licenses awarded by some other countries, Royal Reels can also present the license newcomers ilists to be downloaded, and the website has a dedicated page which provides information about the company’s license.

This transparency has the effect of reassuring customers that the company is not some fake or fly−by−night operation. It is also the case that a recognizable and respected licensing authority has been a great help in providing legitimacy, particularly in the early years of operation. Although there is no consensus on definitions, legitimacy can be understood as adherence to the rule of law, political authority, or moral and ethical standards, and it is essential to the survival of both state and non−state political entities. A legitimate rule is one that is lawful, rightful, and just, and a lack of legitimacy denotes dissatisfaction and disordered circumstances. The legitimating power of the concept of consensus is very useful for a ‘new institutionalist’ approach, which aims to analyse the relation between institutions and social practices or actions. It is very much the case that a political sociologist could in−depth study into a particular political process, allowed.

Licensing and Regulation

The first aspect of Royal Reels’ legitimacy that I will investigate is its licensing and regulation. Before conducting my analysis, I held the view that most online gambling organizations without exception are only out to defraud people of their money and do not bear genuine licenses from recognized gambling authorities. That is why there is always a disclaimer and warning sign on all gambling websites that strictly prohibits persons below the age of 18 from participating. However, when I screened through the front page, I noticed that Royal Reels was quick to assure its customers that it is a fully licensed and regulated online gambling service.

In fact, the casino even displayed a badge of honor awarded by the Central Government of the Netherlands Antilles. I was relatively unsure of the status of this license and decided to research for more information around the generic online gambling regulations. Surprisingly, many countries including the UK, Netherlands, Canada, United States and Australia have specific guidelines on the use of gambling services/license. However, most of such laws is inapplicable with respect to international online gambling and therefore, providers are often controlled by generic laws such as the 2005 Gambling Act of the United Kingdom passed by the United Kingdom Parliament. This is in line with what Royal Reels claims in its “About Us” page whereby it states that “Royal Reels Casino is an international business venture operating under generic regulations authorized by Law and the Central Government of the Netherlands Antilles”.

Such generic regulations do not require any inspection prior to a gambling license being issued and is aimed at services which are provided to international customers. Given that Royal Reels has publicly declared the information that its operations are supervised by generic online gambling laws, it is pertinent for its customers that these regulations are indeed in place and that the casino is duly subject to relevant oversight authorities.

Reputation and Customer Reviews

It is something very difficult to find any negative comment about Royal Reels in the slot machine gaming. The company offers a wide range of slot machine games and people loves the variety that they offer. It is difficult to maintain a reputation that Royal Reels holds in this competitive market. If any company is not good in any sense, then the gamers and loyal customers give some kind of negative comments about their service and purpose. But the Royal Reels is much respected and well known company in this category of slot gaming which shows from the customer reviews as well. A user of Royal Reels has rated the service as a best slot game provider on the internet. The user has termed the Royal Reels as an extraordinary service which offers lots of games which are not same. The uniqueness in every game makes it more interesting and enjoyable by the players.

The services of Royal Reels such as giving free online games and omitting irritative advertisement during games provide an amazing satisfaction of slot gaming as per his reviews. Royal Reels satisfied its customers by periodic updates to provide the best gaming experience. There are numerous games and big collection of continuously released new games by Royal Reels that excite the users as per the review. Every update gives a new pace and new experience of gaming which he could not find from so many gaming offering companies. His review tells that there have never been forced advertisements in between the games which usually slow down the gaming experience and so time is perfectly spent and enjoyed in the Royal Reel’s games. The quality of the games is immensely good and the updated games are compatible with any device that gives him a freedom of choice.

So in a simple review of a customer, it is said that currently there probably is no better advertisement-free slots games provider in the internet than the Royal Reels and new update is always bringing new excitement for him. Royal Reels have made slot machine games more entertaining by introducing versions of games with different line appearances and with different features during the free games as per the review given by the user. Overall, it looks like Royal Reels is ready to take more challenges to provide the best enjoyment of slot gaming to the players by adding up new services and new games by customer reviews.