Instant Serotonin: 5 Fun Options to Forget About Stress

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If you ask me, the main issue with today’s life is that it’s too demanding. It holds you responsible for literally everything. It reminds you every day that each of your choices — what you eat, wear, watch online, anything — matters. In a way, it’s exciting to live like that. In a way, it’s challenging. And so we all are always looking for things that will help us reduce this load and feel … a bit more laid-back and careless.

#1 Online Games [Free & Paid] for Mere Fun

In the digital age, one of the quickest escapes can be found right at your fingertips. Online games, ranging from simple card games against computers to more interactive casino Rooli options involving real players and real money, offer a perfect blend of mere fun and convenience. 

The main benefit of these games, as I see it, is that they let you meet and interact with other players. Add to this the fact that you can play them with your smartphone. That is, anytime and anywhere, you can get this portion of fun and communication. I don’t want to focus on the reward aspect here because wins are never guaranteed. But when they occur, that’s extra pleasure, of course.

#2 Getting Creative for Getting It off Your Shoulders

Creative expression has tons of benefits:

  • it helps you return the control over the situation
  • it distracts you from what you want to be distracted
  • it gives a sense of accomplishment
  • it helps you think and see things differently.

It doesn’t matter if your creations will never make it to a gallery wall. You will relax when working on them and that’s the most important thing here.

#3 Meditation for Mental Clarity

Many people are skeptical about meditation. But those who have tried it, know that it does work. Of course, there are different ways to practice it. You can read about them online and even watch tutorials. Most of them involve

  • sitting quietly
  • filtering thoughts and sounds
  • controlling breathing
  • controlling parts of the body.

Thanks to this, you learn more about yourself and your environment. You can even find out that the source of your stress is, in fact, different from what you thought it to be.

Even if you think you don’t have time for that. Give it a few minutes today. It will instantly improve your mental clarity and resilience (yet it’s better to practice this systematically). 

#4 Sports for Extra Energy Release

Physical activity isn’t for everyone, but it does help with improving mood and combating stress. Some examples that require minimum preparation include

  • a quick jog
  • stretching
  • yoga
  • swimming
  • riding a bike.

They all help to release endorphins. And they all distract from daily worries. In fact, you get a double benefit. That is, you improve your physical health and emotional well-being. Choose activities that you enjoy (they don’t have to be intense) and fit your lifestyle. You’ll likely stick with them in the long run.

#5 Learning New Things for Focus Switch

Learning new things works because it occupies your thoughts. It also challenges you and when you see the first progress, you feel happier. What to learn then? Anything you are enthusiastic about:

  • playing a musical instrument
  • a foreign language
  • cooking
  • drawing
  • coding.

Each of these activities requires concentration and focus.

More Ideas!

The ideas we discussed above suggest that you engage in an activity regularly. But many of us want instant one-time solutions. And some of these are

  • Bathing
  • Sunset Walks
  • Dancing
  • Bonding with Pets.

They don’t require anything on your part. But they do give back a lot.


Let’s be honest, stress is inevitable. We can’t get rid of it. But what we can do is add something else to our lives. So that it doesn’t consist of stress solely. And as you’ve just seen, this something doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming. There are many things that make us happier but, for some reason, we don’t afford ourselves to enjoy them. This is exactly what needs to be changed.