Bingo Strategy Guide

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As with other non GamStop casino games, bingo also has several strategies that could help you win. Since you don’t have to make any decisions or make any moves here, you are completely at the mercy of fate and there is therefore no scientific substantiation or evidence that strategies actually work. Nevertheless, it can’t hurt to look into it or try one.

Bingo strategies exist that can be used in online bingo at non GamStop sites which some players claim to be absolutely successful. It is important to remember that the outcome cannot be determined in advance and therefore there are no strategies that can. That doesn’t mean you can’t do anything at all. Read below how to play the game optimally.

What Are the Best Strategies to Win Online Bingo at Non GamStop Casinos?

  • Play with as few opponents as possible. Less is more and the less competition there is, the better your chances of winning.
  • Chat with other players. Exclusive prizes and bonuses are awarded in the chat rooms that are completely separate from the games.
  • Play in a reliable online casino or bingo room. Do your research and read reviews from other players.
  • Granville Strategy. This theory is based on a certain pattern of bingo numbers. According to this strategy, choosing your bingo cards is the most important moment in the game. The ‘ideal’ card contains as many even as odd numbers and as many high as low numbers. In addition, the cards must contain as many numbers as possible with the last number differing. For example: 21, 34, 65 and 78 is better than: 31, 41, 52 and 61.
  • Tippelt Strategy. This one is a bit simpler: in a 75-ball game, you can think of number 38 as the middle ball. According to this theory, you have a better chance of winning if you choose cards with numbers that fall in the ‘group’ around 38.

Influencing the Game

A physical game of bingo can be tampered with. For example, the game master can be in cahoots with one of the players and let them win. However, with online bingo this is not possible because the game is controlled by the computer. A Random Number Generator ensures that the balls fall randomly without external influences.

The Amount of the Stake

Payouts depend on the size of your bet. Prizes can vary from a few euros to hundreds and sometimes even thousands of euros but are low compared to payouts made at the slots. On the other hand, the stakes at bingo are also much lower and you can therefore enjoy your deposited money for much longer.

It is better to pay out smaller amounts more often than to always go for the big prize.

Extensive Bingo Tips to Win at Non GamStop Casinos

Finally, we would like to give you some tips on how to play and win bingo at non GamStop casinos.

  • Set a budget in advance and stick to it. Stop if you are losing and do not try to make up for it by continuing to play.
  • Avoid peak hours.  The fewer other players, the less competition.
  • Avoid games with very large prize pools. These games are very popular and so there are far too many other participants to make these games attractive.
  • Choose the number of cards carefully. More bingo cards means more chances to win but also more to keep an eye on. For less experienced players, it is wise to enable the “auto-daub” function in this case and let the game cross off the numbers for you.
  • Try a strategy. Under the motto: “If it doesn’t help, it doesn’t hurt”, there is nothing wrong with trying one out.
  • Play on your mobile. This is a game that is ideally suited for the mobile casino. You can play online bingo wherever and whenever you want.
  • Make contact. Go to the chat rooms and talk to other people. This is not only fun, but you can also learn a lot from it: discover bonuses, special chat prizes, new bingo rooms, strategies and much more.
  • Enjoy! Bingo is all about the excitement of the game, but above all it is suitable to take a few minutes for yourself, relax and just enjoy the game and the fun.

FAQ About Bingo Strategy

Is bingo a game of skill or luck?

Bingo is definitely a game of luck on gamblingpro where you place your money on a bingo card. You are then at the mercy of the numbers and there is therefore no skill you can learn to increase your chances of winning. 

What are the lucky numbers in bingo?

There are some numbers known as “lucky numbers”. According to statistics, the number most players choose is 11, followed by a lucky number 7. This is all superstition of course as these numbers are just as likely to happen as any other number.

Are there certain patterns that increase my chances?

1 line is the easiest pattern and so you could say that your chances are the best, but that also applies to your opponents.

Can I improve my bingo playing skills?

Of course! One learns by doing, right? By practicing well, perhaps first on free bingo games, you will become better and more confident in the game.